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Save Punta Elena

The Government of the Canary Islands intends to carry out the construction of the expansion of the commercial dock of the Port of Corralejo, located in its Bay, in the north of the Island of Fuerteventura. The budget of this project is 32 million euros, with an execution period of 26 months. From Clean Ocean Project we want to create consciousness to this community about the adverse effects that the construction would have on the environment and on the disappearance of the waves in the bay and the waves located on the pier such as those of Punta Elena.

Fuerteventura was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 2009. The dock project would affect protected areas of high scientific interest, in which the following stand out:

• Sebadales of Corralejo

• The Natural Park of Isla de Lobos

• The Natural Park of the Dunes of Corralejo

The impact of the new Corralejo harbor

The construction or expansion of ports in the Canary Islands is one of the greatest threats to the coastline. The expansion of the port of Corralejo will reduce the quality not only of the beaches but also of the places of environmental interest, protected as Sites of Community Interest (SCI), Special Birds Protection Area (SBPA), Natural Park and Site of Scientific Interest.

In addition, by expanding the dam, the cleanliness of the waters would be affected with greater turbidity and stagnation of the sea, producing a bad smell and the absence of sea currents. On the other hand, an increase in noise levels and the activity associated with the construction phase will be affected.

The wave

In addition to the adverse effects that they may have on the marine fauna and flora, the expansion of the port of Corralejo will have repercussions on the destruction of the waves of Punta Elena and Isla de Lobos. Thanks to its location in the Atlantic Ocean, the bay of Corralejo is an international benchmark as it receives a large amount of energy from the waves coming from the Northeast. Due to the expansion of the port of Corralejo, this would mean a considerable decrease in the practice of water sports such as surfing, windsurfing, paddle surfing, among others.

Clean Ocean Project considers it highly relevant to raise awareness among our entire community to protect the bay and fight against the industry with the highest CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, such as concrete and cement.